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International Move

Our Moving Consultants are dedicating to help you to manage all aspect of your move.


During the pre move survey, our consultants will carefully evaluate and advise:

Volume of your belongings and their particularities.

Step by step procedure of your move.

Authorizations and documentations required.

Customs clearance.

Transportation options.

Helpful information of country of destination.

Delivery and unpacking process


Carefully evaluate your quotation to ensure all services required are listed.

Compare your quotations with the services offered, not just the end price listed.

Before our team arrives, have separated things not to be included in the shipment and/or to be sent as a separate shipment with Airfreight.

Transportation options.

Helpful information of country of destination.



Our experienced packing crew will perform the wrapping, protection and special care for your belongings


Please provide us your new contact number and address at destination. We will work with our local office for preparation of customs clearance and arrange the delivery, and complete setting up of your belongings.

Our colleague at destination will also assist you to check items off the inventory and promptly report any loss or damage.

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