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We are the First in Vietnam


SAIGON VAN can be proud to be the first International Mover in Vietnam since 1990.

In 2003,

Personal care

The most valuable asset of SAIGON VAN is its people. Our difference is our personal care to each individual client.

It is our culture to focus on people. Our definition of customer service is adding People to the service and making our client feel valued.

Professional packing crew

At SAIGON VAN, many of our packers have been with us for over 10 years. They proudly wear a medal of achievement to show their expertise in packing.

We employ a full time packing crew only, who undergo yearly training to continuously develop their skills.

High quality packing materials

Our packing material suppliers are strictly and carefully selected to provide us with the highest quality materials.

We also outsource specialized material imported from overseas to ensure the safest protection for fragile and sensitive items.

Strong Worldwide connection

HARMONY RELOCATIONS NETWORK is the largest removal and expatriate relocation services company in the world, owned and operated by its shareholders.

23 European countries

12 Asian countries, including Australia and New Zealand

All major cities in USA and Canada

All the largest cities in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East

Single point of contact

You always benefit from SAIGON VAN’s single point of contact. You can immediately reach our consultant who answers your questions thoroughly. You do not have to repeat the same story the second time. Enjoy our Simple and Effective communication!

Own truck

Our own .

Own State of The Art Warehouse

SAIGON VAN’s 5000 square meter facility is specifically designed as a multipurpose building, the state of the art facility includes office suites, large meeting rooms, rooftop entertainment deck, a separated, four story record management area with own docking station, Freight Lift, warehousing area 10 meters high accessed by two separate docking stations, and a fire proof, double door vault for high valuables. As a value added service to record management clients, SAIGON VAN offers the opportunity to choose the type of shelving system and atmosphere needed.

Security personnel will man the area 24/7 with only one way in and out access. Fire safety is ensured through the most advanced sensor smoke detection system linked to a gas fire suppressant, as opposed to the water sprinkler system, maximizing damage control to sensitive documents. Video surveillance for both ex and interior will monitor all activity having to do with the area. The vault is accessible only to those with fingerprint scan clearance who must then pass through a double door lock.

Taking the local climate of heat and humidity into consideration, the roof of the main Warehouse is specifically designed to allow constant air circulation aided by strategically located louvers keeping the temperature under 27 degrees at all times. To further protect the environment, a built in record destruction facility catches the fumes and ashes to prevent them for being released into the air.

Being the first ‘State of the Art’ Warehouse in Vietnam , it was important to choose a location which offered the necessary space to accommodate the specific requirements, yet with close proximity and access to downtown HCMC.


We welcome you to our multi-culture and languages team at SAIGON VAN. With us, you feel free to speak either your native language or most common language of the continent where you come from. We communicate in Vietnamese, English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin.

Excellent Customs rapport

Our reputable relationship with the Customs Bureau certainly facilitates the clearance procedure of your shipment and guarantees you the punctuality of delivery.


Punctuality and Reliability are two aspects we strive to meet with every shipment.


Our paand methods are consistent with the highest market standards.
Therefore we boast one of the best insurance claims Records in HCMC.

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